Black Dot Store

The Black Dot Cultural Center and Bookstore was born out of a love and appreciation of Afrikan culture and heritage.  Baba Adigun KazemdeAjamu – affectionately known as Baba Kaz – had a vision for a sacred space where his people could come together and fellowship, dialogue and break bread.  This hallowed hall is for all to come and gain greater knowledge and learn different perspectives on the Afrikan diaspora.

The Black Dot is an ancient Afrikan symbol for Blackness.  It is the seed and archetype of all humanity.The Black Dot is symbolic of the hidden doorway to the collective unconscious, ancestral memory bank for all who enter.  One goal of the Black Dot Cultural Center and Bookstore is to help individuals in “moving from the unconscious state to the conscious knowing.”  It has been said that “out of darkness (unconscious state) came light (knowledge).”

The Black Dot Cultural Center and Bookstore is a great place to attain a variety of cultural enhancements.Here you will find the work of Black Master Teachers.  Our goal is to provide a welcoming atmosphere focused on relaxation and enlightenment.  Come in and relax with a cup of coffee made from the finest African coffee beans and a good book or bring in your laptop and connect to the free wi-fi as you connect with other like-minded individuals.

This is a phenomenal place to procure unique books, jewelry, art, clothing and gifts.  The Bookstore has offerings for all ages.  We have amassed stunning, hand-crafted jewelry from local artisans to adorn the bodies of our kings and queens along with beautiful African attire.  The store also carries the Think Black line of apparel designed to carry forward positive and empowering messages on T-shirts and more.

This space is also home to enriching events such as Spoken Word, lectures, entertainment, movie and documentary screenings, local political gathering and networking affairs.  We also host classes for physical edification that include yoga and martial arts. 

The overall vision of the Black Dot Cultural Center and Bookstore is to promote a connection within the Afrikan Community by providing a space where all feel welcomed – regardless of where they are on their journey. Entry into this space should invoke a transformative experience.  We’ll see you soon!