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he Black Dot Book Mobile Program


Book Mobile

The Black Dot Book Mobile Program goes beyond just providing books; all the books are given out free to the children, ensuring that access to quality literature is not limited by financial barriers. We firmly believe that reading is a transformative tool that can empower young minds and open doors to new opportunities. By making books accessible and free, we strive to instill a love for reading that will continue to shape the lives of children and young adults in our community.

As we hit the road with the Black Dot Book Mobile, we seek to form meaningful partnerships with libraries, schools, and community organizations. Our goal is to reach as many underserved areas as possible, fostering a love for reading in children and young adults who may not otherwise have access to diverse and engaging literature. By collaborating with DeKalb County Libraries and libraries across the state of Georgia, we can expand our reach and make a lasting impact on literacy rates and educational opportunities in our community.

The Black Dot Book Mobile Program is not just about delivering books; it is about creating a space for young minds to explore, dream, and connect. Through the power of storytelling and cultural exploration activities, we celebrate the rich diversity of our communities, promoting understanding, empathy, and unity. Join us in our mission to empower the next generation through the joy of reading, and together, let's create a future where every young individual has equal opportunities for growth and success.