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African Women Narrating Identity: Local and Global Journeys of the Self (Routledge Studies in African Literature)

African Women Narrating Identity: Local and Global Journeys of the Self (Routledge Studies in African Literature)

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Publication Date: August 8th, 2023
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This book examines the complexities of women's lives in Africa and the transnational spaces of Europe and North America through the literary works of key African women writers.

Using a postcolonial analytical framework, the book highlights the commonalities of African women's identities and experiences across national, ethnic, linguistic, and religious boundaries in Africa and in western settings. It collates the multi-regional narratives of key African women writers who convey how women's lives are shaped by social, economic, and political factors at home and abroad. It also illustrates the intersection of ethnicity, class, and gender that flows through all the texts examined. Unlike existing works that explore African women's fiction, this book uncovers the transformation from postcolonial themes of nationhood to global modalities of post-independence writing through the lens of gender. The book engages with feminist expression through broad themes including religion, war and ethnic conflict, women's status in society, tradition and modernity and local and global tensions.

A unique approach to literary criticism of Anglophone African women's writing, this book will be of interest to scholars and students in the field of African Literature, African Studies, Women's Literature, Postcolonial Literature, Cultural and Ethnic Studies and Migration and Diaspora Studies.

About the Author

Rose A. Sackeyfio is an Associate Professor in the Department of Liberal Studies at Winston-Salem State University, USA. She is also the author of West African Women in the Diaspora (Routledge 2021), and editor of African Women Writing Diaspora, (Lexington 2021) and Co-Editor of Emerging Perspectives on Akachi Adimora- Ezeigbo (Lexington 2017).