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Bold Women in Science: 15 Women in History You Should Know (Biographies for Kids)

Bold Women in Science: 15 Women in History You Should Know (Biographies for Kids)

Current price: $9.99
Publication Date: September 14th, 2021
Rockridge Press


Inspiring stories of women who changed the course of science—for kids ages 8 to 12

Women have always been at the forefront of scientific discovery. This collection of biographies for kids explores 15 of these women and their extraordinary accomplishments—even in the face of huge challenges. See how they bravely followed their dreams and revolutionized what we know about technology, our bodies, and even the universe!

Explore talented women in history who helped us:

  • Change medicine—Learn the stories of chemists like Alice Ball and Marie Daly, and how they helped cure disease and figure out the workings of the human heart.
  • Understand the Earth—Discover botanists like Janaki Ammal and marine biologists like Sylvia Earle who created new species of plants and explored beneath the ocean.
  • Advance technology—Find out how Ada Lovelace and Gladys West both made major advances in data science, even though they lived more than 100 years apart.

Go further than other history books and read about those who are often overlooked with Bold Women in Science.

About the Author

DANNI WASHINGTON is a science communicator and the first African American woman to host her own science TV series. She is also the cofounder of an ocean conservation nonprofit called Big Blue & You and a passionate advocate for intersectional environmentalism.

Praise for Bold Women in Science: 15 Women in History You Should Know (Biographies for Kids)

"This book is a must-read for anyone looking for inspiration. Full of insightful and unexpected stories, it carries the reader on a journey of discovery into the full spectrum of human potential, and it's terrific. I have known Danni for over a decade, and this book is a testament to her pioneering leadership. By highlighting the immense power that women have, Danni reminds us that if we are to build a better world, we must elevate and celebrate women as the heroes of today and the hope for tomorrow." —Philippe Cousteau, filmmaker, author, explorer and social entrepreneur

"In this book, Danni Washington shares the invisible stories of fearless and radiant women who have shaped technological innovation, advanced modern medicine, and helped us understand and connect to the world around us. Overlooked and underestimated, these women followed their curiosities, built and applied their expertise, and discovered the elements that make us human, the medicines that heal us, the tech that guides us, and the questions that inspire us. Though the roads remain rough and winding, consider the trail blazed: women have been bold explorers and inventors for centuries, now reaching the depths of the ocean and the limits of outer space. What new depths and limits will you discover?" —Dr. Erika Woolsey, marine biologist, National Geographic explorer, CEO & co-founder of The Hydrous

"This is a must-read for any curious kid hoping to learn about the most influential people in history. Washington communicates complex ideas in such a fun, easy way for young students and even provides useful resources for any ambitious child hoping to learn more!" —Emily Calandrelli, author and host of Emily's Wonder Lab