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Black Power Economists: A Step by Step Guide to Economic Independence

Black Power Economists: A Step by Step Guide to Economic Independence

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Publication Date: August 2nd, 2019
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Black Power Economists can help create wealthy Black communities by teaching the Black community how to adopt and apply basic economic building blocks.Slavery has damaged its survivors in North, Central and South America and the Caribbean so much that it is impossible to quantify. In the United States, there emerged sets of enslaved individuals that Malcolm X referred to as "field niggers" and "house niggers." Some people think the work they were forced to do was what primarily distinguished field niggers from house niggers, but that is not necessarily the case. What most distinguished the two was their response to being enslaved, their frame of mind, their perception of themselves and their perception of their enslavers.Black Power Economists must take the lead role in making Black People aware of the arsenal of resources they have access to that can help Black People re-establish their identity as independent economic units and beacons of progress. One of these is sovereigntyThere is hardly anything more valuable than sovereignty. Sovereignty is the key to economic independence and wealthy Black communities. Someone should have been teaching Black youngsters about sovereignty more than a hundred years ago, but didn't. The white power system had too much to lose by teaching Black People that, so it didn't; but more than a hundred thousand Black teachers and professors failed to do so and steered Black People toward mediocrity and salaries instead of sovereignty and wealth. It's time for Black People to redirect its economic energy, and Black Power Economists must step to the fore and lead the way.