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Witch Wife

Witch Wife

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Publication Date: August 30th, 2022
Sarabande Books
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"Petrosino is a canny, wide-ranging and formally nimble writer with a magician's command of atmosphere."
--The New York Times, "The Best Poetry of 2017"

Witch Wife is back in a brand new paperback edition, featuring a reader's guide and writing prompts from the poet herself.

The poems of Witch Wife are spells, obsessive incantations to exorcise or celebrate memory, to mourn the beloved dead, to conjure children or keep them at bay, to faithfully inhabit one's given body. In sestinas, villanelles, hallucinogenic prose poems and free verse, Kiki Petrosino summons history's ghosts--the ancestors that reside in her blood and craft--and sings them to life.

About the Author

Kiki Petrosino is the author of White Blood: a Lyric of Virginia (2020) and three other poetry books. She directs the Creative Writing Program at the University of Virginia, where she is a Professor of Poetry. Petrosino is the recipient of a Pushcart Prize, a Fellowship in Creative Writing from the National Endowment for the Arts, an Al Smith Fellowship Award from the Kentucky Arts Council, and the UNT Rilke Prize.