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Albert Einstein (Illustrated Biography for Kids)

Albert Einstein (Illustrated Biography for Kids)

Current price: $9.99
Publication Date: August 22nd, 2023
Wonder House Books


Albert Einstein, a well-known genius, revolutionized the world with his ideas on space and time. He put forth theories that became the basis of modern physics. This beautifully illustrated book retells the life of this brilliant scientist and his theories. Boosting an extensive glossary, the book is easy to read, has simplified fun facts, and a lot more for budding minds to explore and learn.

Embark on a journey of discovery with a genius!

Introduces young learners to the world of science and inventions.

Develops interest in science and discoveries

Acquaint kids with renowned scientists

Inspires young minds to explore the world

Bright images and illustrations

About the Author

Wonder House has a dedicated team of editors and designers involved in the development of magnificent and enriching children books. The team pays special attention to develop age appropriate content and does extensive research on every topic included in the book. Our mission is to develop highly informative content which will help the children to master different skills. At Wonder House, we strive to make learning a joy.