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SWEA Tree Color

Book Signing: Rasheedah Sharif

If you are able to place yourself in one of the following situations or something similar, color meditation will benefit. "I'd rather be in a different state of mind than deal with all the stress I'm going through, so I self-medicate." "I get panic attacks and anxiety and it becomes hard for me to breathe." "My anger is out of control " "It's hard for me to concentrate." Color meditation is a conscious activity focused on relaxing the mind and body through breathing. It clears the mind from on-going thoughts and outside distractions. Nature has provided everything we need. Most importantly is the air we breathe. Breathing in color is for the spirit, just like food is for the body. "The activities are wonderful bonus If you take your time and answer the questions openly and honestly you really can tap into your inner self, I know I did. Thank you." YaYa B. We are the sun, water, earth and air.

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Date: 02/24/2024
Time: 2:30pm - 4:30pm
Black Dot Cultural Center
6984 Main St Ste A
Lithonia, GA 30058