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Our Story


The Village Meeting Place

The Cornerstone of Its Community 

Fostering a Space for Community

Since its opening in November 2017, The Black Dot Cultural Center has served as a community staple in Downtown Lithonia. It is more than just a local bookstore and gourmet coffee shop providing specialty coffee, such as Ethiopian Yirgachaffe. It is a welcoming space where locals and visitors gather to experience the richness of African and Black Culture. In addition, the Center showcases an array of products from dozens of local artists, entrepreneurs, and black-owned businesses. It also provides monthly events to enrich the community such as wellness programs, events, discussion forums, and seminars from featured authors and educators.

Think Black Ideology

The Black Dot came to life with a very simple ideology in mind: Think Black. With this slogan in mind, founder Kazemde Ajamu created a Think Black Clothing Line. The shirts and their message were well received and soon Kazemde went from selling at small pop-ups around the country to selling in his own store.

In the Spring of 2016, he walked along Main Street visualizing his goals and realizing the potential of his business. Inspired by this epiphany, he went home and wrote his first business plan for The Black Dot. The following January, he shared his idea with Jhavaun and Marie Green, owners of Green Love Kitchen. Impressed with his vision, they allowed him to use space in front of their restaurant to create a small bookstore. The business thrived and as a result, Kazemde was able to rent the storefront next door in August 2017.

Since then, The Black Dot Cultural Center have become a beacon in its Lithonia neighborhood. It is a place where Black Excellence radiates. A warm environment that invites entrepreneurs, educators, artists, authors, and intellectuals alike to share their gifts, network, and impart their knowledge. When you enter The Black Dot, you know you are home.