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State of Black Education - Lecture by Dr. Chike Akua & Panel Discussion

The State of Black Education - Lecture by Dr. Chike Akua and Panel Discussion

The Black Dot Cultural Center and the Black Men's Advocacy Network invite you to join us for an insightful dialogue with Dr. Akua on "The State of Black Education." This event will provide solutions in policy and practice, including our own schools and curricula that teach our story and our values. Don't miss this opportunity to learn how we can work together to promote equity and excellence in education for Black students.

"We cannot afford to sit idly by and watch as laws are passed that limit the teaching of the cultural knowledge that our children need to thrive. The current cultural and political landscape is devastating to the well-being of our children and what they face in public schools," says Dr. Chike Akua, a renowned educator, author, and speaker.

Dr. Chike Akua is an educator, author, and speaker who is dedicated to transforming education and empowering youth. He has written several books on education and personal development, including "Honoring Our Ancestral Obligations: 7 Steps to Black Student Success," "Education for Transformation: The Keys to Releasing the Genius in African American Youth." 

Dr. Akua has also been a featured speaker at numerous conferences and events, where he shares his insights on topics such as culturally responsive education, student achievement, and leadership development. He has worked with schools and educational organizations across the United States and internationally to help educators and students achieve their full potential.

Date: 04/15/2023
Time: 4:00pm - 7:00pm
Black Dot Cultural Center & Bookstore
6984 Main St Ste A
Lithonia, GA 30058